Greenwood School District 50

EFA Membership and Enrollment Reports


Greenwood School District 50 reports membership and enrollment data to the State on a regular

basis.  Those reports determine State funding levels for programs offered to students in the

District.  The data come directly from each school’s student database.


These data do not show the actual enrollment for the specific day.  For each period of time,

the sum of each day’s enrollment is divided by the number of days in the period.  The result

is the average daily membership – the ADM – for all days in that period.




180-Day Report

135-Day Report

  90-Day Report

  45-Day Report

  15-Day Report




180-Day Report                                  

135-Day Report          

  90-Day Report          

  45-Day Report          

  15-Day Report          


When you click one of the above links you will be brought to the report sorted by school, to view the report sorted by grade, click the grade button at the bottom left of the page.


ADM=Average Daily Membership

EM=Educable Mentally Disabled

VH=Visually Disabled

Absent=Total Days Absent during Period



LD=Learning Disabled

HH=Hearing Disabled

Membership=Total Days Enrolled during Period

P=Primary (Grades 1-3)

TM=Trainable Mentally Disabled

SP=Speech Disabled

Attendance=Percent Present during Period


EL=Elementary (Grades 4-8)

EH=Emotionally Disabled


SpclEd=Self-Contained Special Education


HS=High School (Grades 9-12)

OH=Orthopedically Disabled

Vx=Vocational (Grades 9-12)





*OHI=Other Health Impairment

*TBI=Traumatic Brain Injury

*PMD=Profoundly Mentally Disabled





















Weight=Funding Weight established by the Legislature, based on relative cost to educate a student








WPU=Weighted Pupil Unit:  Weight Factor multiplied by Total Membership; State funding is based on this result times the per-pupil-allocation established by the Legislature



















* OHI=LD weight; TBI=OH weight; PMD=TM weight.

**** Includes Residence in Emergency Shelters