Employee Assistance Program


What Is 50 CARE?

50 CARE is an employee assistance program that is broad spectrum in design and given by the Board of Trustees as an employee benefit.  The name means “Counseling And Referral Elective”.  The program is employer sponsored and protects the employee by maintaining a high level of confidentiality. Employees are the strength of a school district.  Their health and wellness are directly related to teaching and learning.  District 50 has chosen to add an employee assistance program as a quality of life benefit for all employees.

What Areas

§         Depression

§         Guilt

§         Anxiety

§         Family Problems

§         Marital Difficulties

§         Stress

§         Dependency



Are Served?

§         Financial Issues

§         Substance Abuse

§         Eating Disorders

§         Abuse Recovery

§         Parenting

§         ADD/ADHD

§         Low Self Esteem

§         Poor Motivation


Who Is Eligible?

Eligible participants will include employees, spouses, and immediate family members.  Immediate family members for the purpose of this program shall be defined as: children in the home under the age of 19; children enrolled in a college or vocational school under the age of 21; and biological children not in the household under the age of 19 or age 21 if enrolled in a college or vocational school.

What Are The Parameters?

·         The Greenwood District 50 Employee Assistance Program shall be voluntary.

·         Eligible participants will be allowed a maximum of 12 visits per contract period. 

·         Employee health insurance and /or other benefits may be used when appropriate.

·         Referrals outside of the Greenwood District 50 Employee Assistance Program not covered by the employee’s benefits may require fees for service.

·         When applicable, sick leave, personal leave, or annual leave may be used.

·         All facets of the program are confidential.

·         The program is designed to identify problems and give direction to employees.

·         The employee’s health coverage will have to assist in long-term counseling services that are in excess of the twelve allowed visits per contract period.


What Are The Costs?

The 50 CARE program is a benefit of District 50 and no costs are to be incurred by the approved participants for basic counseling services limited to twelve (12) visits per participant per contract period.  Of course, if in-depth counseling or referral to other services is necessary, the individual would be responsible for costs and may need to use insurance benefits.

Who Do You Contact?

Piedmont Health Group

106 ByPass 225 South

Greenwood, SC  29649


District Contact - Randy Vaughn or

Rebecca Duncan - Phone 941-5418

Office of Human Resources