Emergency Closings


The administration informs the local radio and television stations concerning whether or not the District Office and schools will be open on bad weather days.  This information is also posted on the district's web site on the Internet http://www.gwd50.org.  The announcement is made by 6:30 a.m.  Students and staff are encouraged not to call the radio and television stations but are encouraged to listen for such announcements and/or access the district Internet web site.


Generally, one of the following decisions will be made during inclement weather:


1.   Delayed Opening of School: All schools in District 50 will open "x" hours later than normal.  All employees are to report at the regular time.  There will be no morning four-year-old programs on these days.  Afternoon four-year-old programs will be held.  Kindergarten will have the same schedule as other students in the school.

2.     School Closing: All schools in District 50 will be closed today.  All twelve-month employees and administrative personnel are expected to report to work at the regular time (or announced time), if possible.

3.     District and School Office Closings: All schools and offices of Greenwood School District 50 will be closed and no employees will report to work.