General Programs and Services


Activity Pass

Each full-time Greenwood 50 employee is eligible to receive a permanent Greenwood 50 pass which entitles the holder to free admission to school-sponsored events in the district (except play-offs and certain other designated events) as well as all other programs sponsored by each school.  The pass, which includes an identification photo, is issued at the opening of school by the staff in the Office of Human Resources. The principal/supervisor is responsible for collecting permanent passes from employees who resign; however, a retiring employee is encouraged to keep the permanent pass.


Attendance at School Functions

Teachers are expected to attend the activities at their respective schools, including scheduled parent-teacher organization meetings.  They are to assist the principal/director or sponsor in maintaining order or in any other way possible.



All basal hardback textbooks listed in the catalog of adopted textbooks for use in the South Carolina public schools are state-owned.  Students in grades one through 12 use these books free of charge.  Only in special cases where texts are not provided on the state-approved list is approval given to charge a rental fee.

A student enrolled in a course in which a workbook or other consumable material is used is required to purchase the workbook at school cost.  Any student damaging a textbook is required to pay for damages.  The teacher is to keep a record of books issued that have been damaged.  The fee schedule is set by the State Department of Education and it is based on the year of adoption and the condition of the book when issued.  The name of any student leaving school without returning books should immediately be reported to the principal/director.  In case of a transfer, no books, except those owned by the student, are to be taken from school.

Teachers should hold regularly scheduled inspections of books.  Principals/directors will schedule mandatory book inspections periodically.  Lost book fees and damage fees are remitted to the State Department of Education.


Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees meets for regular meetings at 7 p.m. on the third Monday of each month in the District Office.  The meetings are open to the public.

Individuals or groups may request to appear on the agenda to make a presentation to the Board.  Fifteen minutes are reserved at each meeting for a time of public participation.  Each speaker is limited to three minutes.


Board Policy Manual

The Greenwood 50 Board of Trustees and administration continually revise and add policies to govern the operation of the district.  Three readings of proposed additions, deletions, or changes are required for approval.  Copies of the Board Policy Manual are available at Board Policies.   A listing of selected approved policies referring to personnel, the instructional program, students and general public relations is included in this manual.  The National School Boards Association classifies policies in sections.  Letter designations are assigned to policies by topics with "E" referring to an accompanying exhibit and "R" to an accompanying regulation. 


Business-Education Partnerships

Educational programs in Greenwood 50 have been enriched through partnerships with the business community.  The partnerships provide an opportunity for increased communication and involvement between the schools and the business community.  This positive relationship results in a better understanding of private enterprise and public schools.  Partnership members may make educational contributions by providing resource persons, equipment and materials, student or teacher incentives or by sponsoring or assisting with special activities.


Child Abuse/Neglect

Any teacher acting in an official capacity and any other person having reasonable cause to believe that a child under age 18 has been subjected to physical abuse or neglect must report or cause a report to be made to either the Sheriff's Department or the Greenwood County Department of Social Services.  The result of reporting to either agency is an investigation by a professional social worker in the Department of Social Services.  The teacher may choose to consult with the principal in making a decision to request an investigation.  If any doubt exists, the decision should be in favor of the child's welfare.  The State of South Carolina provides both civil and criminal immunity to those reporting suspected child abuse or neglect.  To fail to report a case for which a person has reasonable cause to believe that abuse or neglect exists is a misdemeanor punishable under South Carolina law by up to six months in prison and/or fine of up to $500.


Legal Definition of Physical Abuse - Serious physical injury is inflicted by non-accidental means.


Legal Definition of Neglect - A neglected child is one who is not receiving proper or necessary support or education as required by law or medical, psychiatric, psychological, or other care necessary to his well being; or one who is abandoned by his parent or guardian.



The Board on the recommendation of the superintendent affirms contracts for teachers.  With the exception of a temporary contract, contracts are issued for one year at a time on or before April 15th.  Contracts are to be signed and returned on or before April 25th.  The contract is binding upon the Board and the contractual personnel.  Exceptions to this policy must have Board approval.


Breaking a Contract (State Law)

When any teacher has entered into any contract or written agreement to teach in any public school of South Carolina, such teacher shall not break or seek to terminate such contract except for good cause, and then only after giving acceptable notice.  Any teacher wishing to cancel or terminate a contract shall give to the superintendent written notice at least thirty days prior to the date upon which the teacher desires the contract to be terminated. If the teacher breaks such contract within thirty days prior to the opening date of school or during the school session without the agreement of the district, the employee may be subject to losing his/her certification for a period of one year.