Code GCCAA      Issued 08/16/04



Purpose: To establish the basic structure for the use of shared leave by employees.




A voluntary shared leave policy will be implemented in accordance with existing state and federal statutes.  The Board of Trustees wishes to provide economic relief for employees who, by reason of prolonged continuous absence of 20 or more days caused by a serious health condition, are likely to suffer financial hardship.


A serious health condition is one involving continuous treatment by a health care provider that results in a period of incapacity and involves extensive treatment.  Normal pregnancies are not considered a “serious medical condition.” A licensed physician must document a serious medical condition for the purpose of this policy. 




Employees must work a minimum of 30 hours per week to be eligible for shared leave benefits.


At the time of application for shared leave, the employee must have no more than 5 accrued days of sick/annual leave combined.




An employee, who due to a serious medical condition of self or his/her immediate family, faces a prolonged absence from work, may apply to the assistant superintendent of human resources for donated leave. Immediate family is defined as spouse, child, stepchild, parent, stepparent, brother, sister, guardian, grandparent or grandchild.


The superintendent will appoint a five-member panel of diverse employees to review and determine the merit of each application. A specific recommendation will then be made to the superintendent.  The actual number of days awarded will be recommended by the committee.


The superintendent will approve or deny the request for shared leave as well as the number of days awarded.


Donation of leave


·        Any employee who has accumulated in excess of five sick leave days is eligible to contribute to an employee who has been approved by the superintendent to receive leave.  All donated leave must be in either one-half or whole day units.


·        A donating employee may not donate annual or sick leave in an amount in excess of the amount that could be earned in one year by the donating employee.


·        The donating employee must complete a donation of leave form and return it to the human resources office before the payroll office will process the donated leave.  The form must contain the name of the eligible employee receiving the donation.



·        Employees may not receive compensation in any form from anyone for the donation of leave. In addition, employees must refrain from any solicitation of shared leave days from employees.  Failure to comply with this rule will be grounds for disciplinary action by the district.




Donated leave will be accepted and applied only in the current fiscal year.


Adopted 5/19/97; Revised 12/16/2002, 08/16/2004