Workers' Compensation


All employees are covered by a Workers' Compensation Plan, which is provided by the district.  Workers' compensation pays medical bills and a percentage of lost wages to employees who are injured while performing their jobs.  If an employee dies as a result of a work-related accident or disease, death benefits are paid to dependents.  If an injury occurs while an employee is actively engaged in performing a work assignment, he/she must immediately notify the supervisor about the accident or injury so that a First Report of Injury form may be completed.  For an emergency, get medical attention right away.  If it is not an emergency, your employer will refer you to a physician and/or treatment facility.  All accidents should be reported whether you think you are injured or not.  If you do not notify your employer within a specified period of time, you may not be covered under the workers' compensation system.  Additional information may be obtained through the Business Department, 941-3433 or from the link below:


South Carolina School Boards Workers' Compensation Link



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