Greenwood School District 50


Node Changes

Working Notes



From Node 4100, remove Mill Pond subdivision


Make Node 4300, Mill Pond subdivision

>Vintage Court

>Balsam Lane

>Spillway Lane

>Acorn Lane

>Acorn Court

>McQuay Court

>Juniper Court


From Node 1040, remove E Creswell to E Alexander between S Main and NewMarket


Remaining Node 1040 is incorporated into Node 2310 and Node 2320


Node 2030, Node 2040, part of Node 2050, Node 2330, and Node 2340 are combined into Node 2310 and Node 2320


Move part of Node 2010 to new Node 2320; area bounded by New Market, McLees, and E Creswell


From Node 5010, remove E Alexander to Epting Ave between S Main and New Market


Make Node 1200, E Creswell to Epting Ave between S Main and Newmarket (part of Node 1040 and Node 5010)

>Creswell Avenue E

>Highside Street

>Florence Street

>Brooks Street, between E Creswell and Wade Ave

>Brannon Street

>Alexander Avenue E, between S Main and Highside St

>Plowden Avenue

>Phoenix Street, between E Creswell and Epting Ave

>S Main Street, between E Creswell and Epting Ave

>Wade Avenue

>Butler Street


From Node 5010, remove Southwood area; place Southwood area in Node 4090


From Node 1060, remove all north of E Cambridge (add this area to Node 7010)

>Cokesbury Street, between Seaboard RR line and E Cambridge

>Hospital Street North, west of New St


From Node 1060, remove all west of New Market (add this area to new Node 1210)


Node 1060 will contain only New Haven Apts and the following streets

>Glenhaven Circle

>Lyles Street

>Lang Avenue


Make Node 1210 (bordered by Seaboard Ave, Stockman Branch, E Cambridge, and New Market; from 1060, 2040, and 2050)

>New Market, between E Cambridge and Stockman Branch (both sides of the street)

>E Cambridge, between Seaboard Ave and New Market (south side of street)

>Seaboard Ave, between Recreation Center and E Cambridge

>Chipley Ave

>Giles Ave

>Hackett Ave, north of Stockman Branch

>Oakland St

>Watson St, north of Stockman Branch


Merge Nodes 7030 and 7040 into one node (7030)


Change boundary between 1070 and 7030/7040 to following natural division (no street changes)


Change Node 5080 (remove Ellenberg areas; move to 1220)


Add area to Node 1030 (bordered by W Alexander, Spring St, Carolina Ave, and old right of way

>Liner Circle

>Carolina Ave, west of Spring St

>Ellenberg Ave

>Pine Forest Dr

>Lamar Ave

>Elizabeth Ave

>Cornelia Cir

>Carroll St

>Lindsey Ave, west of Spring St


Change Node 1030 to boundary defined by old RR bed/right of way


Change area of Node 6180 to include

>Mineral Ave

>Mineral Court

>Circular Ave

>Sumpter Court

>Oakhaven Court


Split Node 1080


Node 1080 from Sample Brance through Durst Ave utility right of way between Grace St and Hwy 72 ByPass


Make Node 1220 from Sample Branch, Grace Street, and Hwy 72 ByPass

>Masters Ct

>Trakas Ave

>Briggs Ave

>Harper St

>Johns St

>Laurel Ave E, between Grace and Hwy 72 ByPass

>Terrace Way


>Forest Lane

>Orchard Park Dr

>Leyland Court

>Pin Oak Dr

>Scenic Ct

>Wisteria Ct

>Woodcrest Ct

>Woodcrest St

>Enterprise Ct


Split Node 1090


Node 1090 is Rock Creek, bordered by Rock Creek and the city limits


Make Node 1230 bordered by Rocky Creek, Sample Branch, and including all of Kathwood subdivision


Make Node 1240 bordered by Rock Creek, Sample Branch, and including Laurel Acres to Fox Hollow to Glendale Hgts to Karlie Hill


Split Node 1130, moving areas bounded by Calhoun Ave, Montague Ave, and W Cambridge


Add the following streets to Node 1100

>Calhoun Ave between W Cambridge and Montague Ave

>Montague Ave between Calhoun Ave and W Cambridge

>W Cambridge between Calhoun Ave and Montague

>High St

>Charles St

>Maxwell Ave, between Mathis St and Seaboard RR line


Split Node 1020, moving Connie Maxwell property to Node 1140


Node 1140, add the following streets

>Lowell Ave, between Maxwell Ave and Mathis Rd, southside of street only

>Cooper Rd, between Maxwell Ave and Lowell Rd

>Tin Cup Alley

>Jamison St N


Split Node 1120, moving homes facing Calhoun Rd to Node 1150


Node 1150, add the following street

>Calhoun Rd, between Hwy 72 ByPass and W Cambridge/Hwy 72 W


Split Node 4090 along Brightmans Creek; southern part remains Node 4090; northern part becomes Node 4310


Node 4310 (new node separated from Node 4090)

>Keisler Drive (in Marshall Hgts)

>New Market St, between Marshall Rd and Brightmans Ck (east side of street)

>Marshall Rd, between New Market Rd and Hwy 25 ByPass (south side of street)

>Hwy 25 ByPass, between Marshall Rd and Brightmans Ck (west side of road)


Node 7130 expanded to received southern end of Node 7170

>Hwy 246, between Hwy 72 and District 52 boundary (south side of street)

>Includes all of Hillcrest Farm Road


Node 7060 split, with area south and east of Hwy 72 being added to Node 7140


Node 7140 adds the following:

>Part of Evans Pond Road

>South and east side of Hwy 72

>Kateway, between Hwy 72 and Seaboard RR line (east side of street)

>Garner Heights Rd


Node 7180 is split into a smaller Node 7180 and Node 7200


Node 7200 contains Coronaca and Hwy 246