Greenwood School District 50
Online Employee Handbook





The online handbook provides general knowledge about the school system as a whole.  Your awareness of this information will be beneficial to you personally and professionally.



If you are interested in any matter explained in this handbook, you should follow up by reading the Board policy manual.  A copy of the School Board policy manual can be found by clicking this link: Board Policies.  Click below for information on each topic.


·         ADEPT Information

·         Employee Guidelines

·         Administrative Staff

·         General Programs

·         Bloodborne Pathogens Plan

·         New Teacher’s Bonus

·         Certification

·         Online Application

·         Certified Evaluations

·         Safety Commitment

·         District Home Page

·         Shared Leave Information

·         District Policies

·         SC and District Benefits

·         District Staff

·         Workers’ Compensation

·         Emergency Closings

The contents of this handbook are presented as a matter of information only.  Although the Board of Trust
ees believes wholeheartedly in the plans, policies, and procedures contained in this handbook, they are not conditions of employment.  The Board reserves the right to modify, revoke, terminate, or change any or all such plans, policies, or procedures, in whole or in part, at any time, with or without notice.  The language used in this handbook is not intended to create, nor should it be interpreted to create, a legal contract or agreement between the District and any or all of its employees.  No oral statement or agreement concerning employment terms or conditions is valid, and no written statement or agreement concerning employment is binding unless executed by the Board of Trustees or the District Superintendent, as provided by state law.